Winter Holidays and Cats

The holidays are fun for us, but not always fun for our cats. The hustle and bustle can create stress for our cats causing behaviour problems, such as inappropriate urination, and sometimes even illness.

Always pay attention to your cat’s personality and moods. For cats that are not very social or for elderly cats, it may be a good idea to confine them to their own area during busy times when there is a lot of company. If the litter box and food are on different floors, they may not want to venture down to the kitchen to eat or to the basement to use the litter box if there is a lot of noise and people.  Try and keep everything close to where your cat tends to feel comfortable.

Remind children about how to approach a cat and that cats do not like to be mauled or chased.

Pay attention to your cats during the holiday season. We tend to become so busy that we may not notice that their food bowls are not emptying as quickly as they normally do, or that they have been drinking more water. They may not be as active or sleeping a lot. Noticing any changes sooner rather than later can prevent emergency situations.

Also, see our blog on Holiday hazards to remind you of other causes for emergency visits to your veterinarian.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Written by Sarah, CCR