Preventing and Managing Canine Aggression with a Muzzle

The sounds, the smells, the various other pets in the waiting room or about to walk out of a room, hands-on humans, the pokes – can all be a recipe for aggression in some nervous dogs.

If you know your pet may be prone to aggression when nervous, it is important to take the appropriate actions to avoid the chance of biting BEFORE any trigger can occur.

Purchasing and applying a muzzle is an easy, cost effective way to protect your pet, as well as other pets and handlers while making the vet visit run smoothly and as quick as possible.

Some benefits of bringing your nervous, aggression prone dog into clinic with a muzzle include:

  • No biting, nipping, or chance to threaten with teeth.
  • Quick easy medical treatment for pet, as handlers and veterinarian can safely examine pet.
  • Preserve your pet’s integrity, as all bites must legally be reported to Public Health.

Not all pets require a muzzle, however, if your pet gives signs of aggression, it is important to warn staff and take every effort to minimize aggression to ensure a smooth vet clinic visit.

Wearing a muzzle is not a punishment; rather it prevents a negative event from occurring before the chance can arise. When nervous dogs realize that the vet’s office is not a threatening place, many pets over time may improve their behaviour and not need a muzzle anymore.

Written by Jessica Giggie, RVT