Parasite Prevention and Knowing When to Use What!

Come this time of year it’s always a big concern to animal owners knowing if they are properly protecting their pets and, in some circumstances, their families against common parasites.

The world of parasite prevention is constantly changing and growing. Different products are emerging every year and it’s hard for owners to keep up and choose what will give their pet the best protection for their lifestyle.

To help understand some of the products we offer at West Hill Animal Clinic, here is a chart that helps to explain common questions such as:

  • When should parasite prevention be given?
  • Why is timing important?
  • What parasites does each product cover?
  • Why is heartworm testing done in the spring?
  • Should I choose topical or oral medication?

Seasonal Guide for Topical Parasite Control

(Click the image to make it larger)


Seasonal Guide for Oral Parasite Control

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Written by: West Hill Animal Clinic



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