Dog lying on the ground

Anal Gland Expression

All dogs have a set of anal glands, they are located in the anus and positioned at 4 and 8 o’clock. These glands are normally expressed when a dog has a bowel movement. They are often compared to the scent glands skunks have, that get expressed when they are threatened.

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Should I drain my dog’s anal glands at home?

For those dogs that require expression of their anal glands more frequently, many owners will opt to express their own dog’s anal glands at home in the bath. We recommend that you speak to one of our doctors or technicians to find out how to express them properly and what signs to look for in case of infection.

If my dog scoots on the carpet a lot, does this mean their anal glands are impacted?

If your dog is scooting on the carpet or bothering with their hind end, it is usually a good indication that they may be having problems with their anal glands and they will need to be expressed. An appointment can be booked with one of our technicians to do this for you.

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