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Overweight Cat Help

At West Hill, we want to make owners aware of a serious health concern for cats – obesity. Over 50% of cats are currently overweight. Many owners don’t even realize that their cats are overweight. A cat’s life expectancy is reduced by 2 years if they are overweight, this is a scary statistic for any pet owner. We offer free weight consultations with our technicians to help you take the proper steps in ensuring your cat is at their optimal weight.

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Is my cat fat?

There are certain things to look for when a cat is overweight. Like humans, it is not always just about the number on the scale, as much as it is about their physical appearance. We look at things like, are their ribs easily felt? Do they have a tucked abdomen? And how does the waistline appear from above? We offer free weight consultations with our technicians, they will be able to assess your dog’s body condition score and also help teach you these very important things when looking for obesity in your cat.

How to help a cat lose weight? Do you have any weight loss tips for cats?

Getting your cat active is a great way to help your cat to lose weight. It can be very tricky to get your cat to exercise because we all know cats certainly have a mind of their own. Some of the things you can do to try to make your cats more active are things such as chase a laser pointer, hide food or treats around the house, so your cat has to move around to find them. The use of a kibble ball helps to make them play while eating, carry your cat up the stairs to force them to go down them and other interactive toys like strings will help your cat to become more physical, which is essential in overall health and weight loss.

What is offered in nutritional consultation?

During a nutritional consult with a technician, they will first weigh your cat, then they will determine their body condition score; by looking at things like their waistline, if they have a tucked abdomen and if their ribs are easily felt. After that is determined, they can help to select a food that is best suited for your cat’s specific needs. They will calculate the amount of food that your cat can eat per day to ensure a safe amount of weight loss will be obtained. They will also set up monthly weigh-ins to monitor that your cat’s weight loss is not too rapid. They will also share with you methods of exercising and feeding tips to help you achieve your cat’s optimal weight.

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