Puppy Training by Erin, RVT

Getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting time for a family. Before adding a new friend to your family, do your research. Puppies are a lot of fun but are also a lot of work. Puppies need to be taught acceptable behavior. Puppies need a ton of guidance, all family members should agree on all the rules for the pet. If one family member wishes to have the dog on the bed or couch and another family member does not approve of it. It will just cause confusion for the dog.

Puppies around 8 weeks old start to teethe. Chewing and biting things are soothing for puppies sore gums. They learn this from their litter mates but we must teach them it is not ok to have them bite and play rough with us. Teach your dog that they have their own toys and they should only play with them.

There is so much danger in homes for puppies. Like with young children it is extremely important to puppy proof your house. Medications, household cleaners, sharp objects should be up high in cupboards or in drawers where our pets and children cannot access.

We must be the “Leader of the pack” and show our dogs they are not the boss of us and they must obey our commands. Obedience training is extremely important. We must remember they will be with us for 12-16 years. A lot of dogs like to jump up on us, we need to teach our dogs from a very young age jumping up on people is dangerous. Especially around children and the elderly.  The younger the dog is when you teach them these things the better, puppies are very quick to learn.

Do not be aggressive when training your puppy. Don’t yank or pull on their lead, do not use your hands in any aggressive way, like human babies puppies are very delicate. Positive reinforcement is key to training your dog. Dogs will do anything for a dog treat, use this to your advantage when training them.

Submissive urination is very common in young dogs. They don’t even know they have dribbled. Please do not yell or get angry at your puppy for doing it this will stop as they get older and can control their bladder better.

Although puppy training is a lot of work it is one of the most rewarding experience’s for us. Dogs are extremely loyal to us and love to please us. They know when we are sick or sad and always make us feel better. Pets are good for our soul so let’s create the best life we can for them. They deserve it.