Breed of the Month: Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair was created in the 1950’s by crossbreeding Persians, American Shorthairs, Burmese and Russian Blues. Exotics have been nicknamed “The lazy man’s Persian” because they resemble a Persian, but their coat is shorter and easier to care for.

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Can’t Decide Which Prevention to Choose?

Here is a chart that compares popular forms of prevention, both topical and oral, and which parasites they protect against:

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5 Reasons Why… “to Test is Best!”

Written by West Hill Animal Clinic

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Parasite Prevention

What is the right level of prevention for my dog?

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Are Essential Oils Safe to Use Around My Pets?

Are Essential Oils Safe to Use Around My Pets? Many people frequently use essential oils via a diffuser in their homes for their own aromatherapy or therapeutic use, whether it is to help them sleep at night, provided a relaxing environment, or even to help with the common cold.

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