Pet Safety in the Summer: Beat the Heat

Temperatures have begun to climb these past few weeks, a clear indication that summer is here!! Not only are us humans feeling the heat, but our furry friends are too.  After all, they are walking around in fur coats that they aren’t able to take off.  Some easy ways to keep your canines cool are:

–        Fill a kiddie pool with water

–        Go for a swim in a lake (make sure to dry them off well afterwards!)

–        Always have fresh water available

–        Toss them some ice-cubes (you can put them in their water as well)

–        Drape a towel soaked in cool water over them

–        Limit time spent outdoors

–        Shorten walks (like young children and elderly people, dogs are more at risk to get heat stroke if outside on hot days for long periods of time)

Pets that are a little bit on the chunky side (or “fluffy” as some would put it) are more at risk for overheating in the summer as the added fat puts stress on their bodies.
The most important reminder for the summer is, not to leave your pet in a car. Even in a short amount of time, the interior of a car can get very hot, very quick.  For example, if it is 32OC outside, in just 10 minutes the temperature inside a car rises to 42OC. In 20 minutes, the temperature rises to 48OC. Just leaving a window open for them does cool the car down fast enough, after all, it is still hot outside. If you must leave your dog in a car, even for a short while, it is best to bring someone along who can sit in the car with the dog, and leave the car running with the air conditioning on.
Remembering these helpful tips will allow you, your family, and your pets to have a safe and enjoyable summer!