Meet Our Clinic Cat: Buster

On August 30, 2006, a young black and white cat was brought into our clinic, having been hit by a car and found on the side of the road. As he was unable to move his back legs, we took x-rays to see where the problem was. It turns out that he had fractured his spine, and would need surgery to repair it. Dr. Wood, who is now retired, did his best to repair the young cat’s fracture by placing a metal plate along the spine. Unfortunately, there was too much damage to the spine, meaning that the cat would never walk normally again.

After his surgery, the cat was taken in by a rescue organization that wanted to take care of him. It turned out that this cat was too much work for them to handle, and we agreed to take him in as our clinic cat. We decided to name him Buster.

Buster is a very happy cat to be living in our clinic. Pulling himself around while other cats walk on four healthy legs doesn’t seem to bother Buster. He often drags himself up to our techs and meows for attention just like regular cats. Sometimes he even tries to play with our patients! He especially enjoys sitting in a good box every once in a while.

Every day, twice a day, Buster needs to have his bladder emptied manually. In order to do this, somebody has to put a catheter in his bladder and attach a syringe to the end to draw it out. Buster doesn’t mind this at all. He even purrs and kneads his bed while it’s happening!

Over the years, our clients have gotten to know Buster as the sweet boy who spends time in our waiting room, hoping to make a new friend or two.