Grooming Your Puppy

Grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy.

Brushing their fur, trimming nails, and touching their teeth gums at an early age can get them used to it and won’t frighten them when it needs to be done when they are older.

Grooming time is bonding time and since all dogs love attention this can be a great time to spend with them one on one.

While grooming, be sure to check them over for:

  • Lumps
  • Sore limbs
  • Ticks (Especially if you live in this area.)
  • Skin Infections

When giving your puppy a bath make sure you only use shampoo that is for dogs.  A dogs skin and fur is different than ours, human shampoo can be too harsh for a dog.

TIP:  Purchase a non-slip mat for your tub if that is a place you will be bathing your dog. Slipping and sliding around in a bathtub can not only cause an injury, but it can make bathing a scary experience and cause bath time to not be much fun for you or your dog!

Nail Care:  Keeping your dog’s nails short is important. When they grow too long they can curl around and grow into their skin, causing pain and infections. Have your veterinary technician show you how to do this. If you are uncomfortable with trimming their nails, we can do this for you here at West Hill Animal Hospital.

If your dog’s fur is long during  the winter months,  it’s a good idea to trim the hair away from their toes. This will prevent the pain and irritation due to the salt on the sidewalks.  Rock salt also can cause dogs pads to crack.

Remember to look into your dog’s ears. Dog’s ears collect dirt as well as wax look for

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Or swelling which will need veterinary attention.

Dental care

Brushing your dog’s teeth can help with preventing health problems such as kidney disease, and heart disease, as well as bad breath.  Just like us, pets need to prevent plaque and tartar build up.  Dental cleanings can be expensive and can be prevented by daily brushing.

Be sure to only use a pet safe toothpaste sold in pet stores and at West Hill Animal Hospital.