Cool Summer Treats for Hot Weather

We all love to have something cool and refreshing on a hot summer day, whether it is a nice cold drink or ice cream. Although our pets would love to have their cone of ice cream, it may not be the safest choice for your pooch. By making some dog-safe refreshing treats, your dog can learn to enjoy the warmth of summer too. Not only do these treats taste yummy to your pup, but they also help increase to pet’s water consumption on a hot day — helping prevent dehydration.

1. Watermelon cubes

  • Cut seedless watermelon into cubes of appropriate size for your dog (excluding the rind and skin).
  • Freeze cubes and offer a frozen treat to your pup after exercise or to keep cool.

2. Pupsicles

  • Popular flavours are apple, banana, watermelon, chicken or beef stock (low sodium) and yogurt (if using yogurt, be sure to find one that does not contain artificial sweeteners such as xylitol).
  • Put fruit or mixture of flavour choice into the blender along with some water (this helps increase water intake on a hot day).
  • Freeze into small single serving cups or an ice cube tray.

3. Add Ice cubes to your pet’s water bowl

Written by Brittney, ACA