Common Cat Myths

1. Milk is fine for cats to drink: Myth

We often see commercials of cats drinking milk from saucers; we then assume that it’s okay or normal for them to be doing this. Cow’s milk has much more lactose than cats can digest. Cats that drink milk can get diarrhea and an upset stomach.

2. Cats always land on their feet: Myth

While cats are flexible and almost always do land on their feet, this is not always the case. Many times, this depends on the height of the fall for the cat. This reflex called “righting reflex” is developed by the age of three-weeks-old.

3. Cats have nine lives: Myth

Actually, they only have one! No one really knows why or how the myth started. Cats are pretty good at surviving, they can jump from high places and mainly land on their feet. They are also known for being agile.

4. Cats are unhappy if kept indoors: Myth

Cats that grow up indoors can be quite happy inside provided that they have plenty of stimulation. Lots of toys, window perches, cat trees etc. If they are older cats and have always gone outside, that may be more of a challenge.

5. Indoor cats don’t require vaccines: Myth

The truth is all cats should be vaccinated; at least for rabies. Rabies is a zoonotic disease, which is deadly. Bats are the main vector species, but raccoons and skunks can also be carriers. Your indoor cat is still at risk for this disease, if they get loose, or if a rabies vector species gets into your house.

Edited by Jess, VT