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cat and dog in the snow

Holiday Hazards

We would never want to think that the winter holidays would be anything but a happy time for our pets and certainly we would never think of the word “hazard”

homemade dog biscuit recipe

Homemade Dog Biscuits Recipe

This easy 40 min recipe will have your dog rolling around for more!

Kittens on a towel

What to Do When You Find Orphaned Kittens

Summer is upon us.  This means that very soon stray and feral female cats that are not spayed will be and may already be having kittens. We frequently receive calls from clients reporting that they have found a litter of kittens and asking us what they should do. 

Persian cat with a bowl of food

Breed of the Month: Persian Cat

The Persian cat has been around for centuries and while we do not know its exact origins, the breed has been rumored to originate from historical Persia and Turkey. There have been hieroglyphic references to a longhaired cat in those regions but we know for sure that the Persian breed…