Being a CCR at West Hill Animal Clinic by Chris, CCR

As a “veteran” receptionist in a veterinary clinic, there is much satisfaction serving and assisting clients and their pets. Being the first line of defence between the client and doctors is a role for a thoughtful and creative communicator. Simply put, if you can walk the walk of a pleasant veterinary clinic experience, clients will want to come back to us because of helpful service. This is something we always strive for at West Hill Animal Clinic. Also as important, is being there for your co-workers. Showing support and having their back in all situations.
Added to this was an above and beyond influence that I was proud to inspire. I learned of a young person’s decision to become a veterinary receptionist because of my example and work ethics. I was glad to be of help as we talked on a number of occasions. When this young person started to work at a clinic, I was happy to know I had touched someone’s life and path.
it is true; that when you care it shows and in some instances can possibly inspire. For me it has always been more than just a job.