A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are not just for humans! If your dog had a list of resolutions for the new year, would it check off all of these? We bet it would!

I will not tease the cat.
I will not chew on shoes.
I will not eat food that is left on the counter.
I will not eat the baby’s stuffies or toys.
I will not eat garbage.
I will not roll around in mud.
I will not eat poop.
I will not drink out of the toilet.
I will not pee on the Christmas tree.
I will not pass gas when guests are over.
I will not dig up the garden.
I will not bark at the mail carrier.
I will cooperate when I have to take my medications.
I will sleep in on Sundays.
I will pee quickly when it is very cold or raining outside.
I will eat MY dinner.
I will be on Santa’s nice list.
I will cuddle with and love my people.
I will cooperate with the wonderful staff at West Hill Animal Clinic.


Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Bad breath (halitosis) in a dog or cat is usually because of poor dental health.  Occasionally a dog or cat may have good teeth and still have bad breath in which case the diet is usually the cause. This is relatively rare, however, compared to the likelihood of a dental issue.

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