Dr. Saanya Karim


I have always had a deep appreciation for the bond we hold with pets in our lives. Growing up, I was a dedicated learner and animal lover. I have worked at various clinics ranging from general practice, wildlife rehabilitation and emergency medicine over the last 8 years. I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree at the Ontario Veterinary College in 2022, after also completing a Biology degree at the University of Guelph.

I love the relationships veterinary medicine allows you to build, and look forward to providing the best healthcare for your animals. I enjoy the puzzles and challenges it brings along the way! My professional interests include emergency care and internal medicine.

In my personal life, I love to read, spend a lot of time with my friends/family and would love to get back into artwork. I also have a 10-year-old rabbit named Buster, who is litter trained and free roams!