Optimum Care Plan

When my family was first offered the opportunity to enrol our pets in the Optimum Care Plans a quick tally of services versus costs said this would be a good decision to make. We liked the idea of spreading the costs over twelve equal monthly payments. However, as we worked our way through the first year of the plans with our eleven-year-old dog and eight-year-old cat, we realized that the savings were actually quite significant.

The five percent discount offered under the Basic plan didn’t stand out at first, but over the course of the year we ended up saving several hundred dollars on this element alone. Our dog had an eventful year with the diagnosis of a heart condition and two separate wasp stings. The discount applies to all of his medical diets, diagnostics and medications. We recently upgraded the dog to the Enhanced Plan as a tooth root abscess required an unexpected dental procedure.

Something as simple as unlimited nail trims can mean a huge difference to both pets and their people. As hard as we try, we cannot trim the cat’s nails. We no longer have this worry; we just bring him to the clinic whenever required.

After more than thirty years of having many family pets, we realize that there are always unexpected trips to the vet. As our pets age, we increase our preventative care and as seniors they often develop some medical issues. Having five office visits covered under the plan relieves the concern of upfront costs for these often unanticipated doctor appointments.

Written by Barbara K.