New and Improved Rabies Tags Help Owners Find Their Lost Pets

Here at West Hill Animal Clinic, we have new rabies tags that can help you locate your pet should they ever go missing. Each new tag not only has the rabies tag number, but they also now have a QR “Quick Response” code that anyone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and find your contact info should your pet ever go missing. If the person that finds your pet, does not have a smart phone they can easily call the 1 800 number on the tag and find your information that way. This service is 100% free!

After your pet has had their rabies vaccine, we will give you a tag to place on your pet’s collar. When you get home, you can create an account and a profile for your pet. Activate the tag by going to the webpage ( or texting the tag number to (647-725-2747). Once activated, you can then fill out your personal profile and pet profile to ensure that your pet will find his/her way home.

We always recommend having as much information on your pet if they go missing. Micro chipping your pet is the very best way to have your pet reunited with you in case they lose their collar. (For more information, see Sarah’s Blog on Micro-chips)