Dental Health Season at West Hill Animal Clinic

February and March are dental health months here at West Hill Animal Clinic.  Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old.  Have you noticed the overwhelming smell coming from your pet’s mouth when they give you kisses? Are they having trouble eating kibble and not eating like they used to?  Would you like to prevent periodontal disease and health impacts?  We can help!

We are offering free dental exams with one of our technicians.  They flip the lip and go over your pet’s mouth with you, demonstrate how to brush teeth, recommend a dental program that best suits your pet, and discuss and dental cleaning if needed.  You will also go home with a gift bag.  After your free dental exam you will be entered into a draw to win a $100 credit on your account and if you come in for a recommend dental procedure you will be entered to win $250 credit on your account.  If  you compete both a free dental exam and recommended dental procedure you win be entered in to both draws to win a total of $350 credit on your account!!!! (no cash value)  This draw will be held April 1st.

We are holding a free dental health seminar here at West Hill Animal Clinic on Wednesday, February 5th at 7:30pm.  This will be presented by Dr. Gawen Thompson.  We will be focusing on recognizing the signs and causes of periodontal disease, steps to preventing periodontal disease, how to bush your pets teeth and the importance of regular brushing, dental diets and products, and a tour of our dental surgery area and a review of the procedure.   Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Information gift bags will be sent home with all guests.  Please call to sign up with our receptionists today! (416) 282-8516.