Choosing Your Next Cat Companion

Could a cat’s coat colour and pattern be linked to their personality and temperament?  Whether studies have shown this to be true or not, people do associate cat’s personality with the colour of their coat.  It is very interesting to know this as it may help you decide what colour of cat best fits into your family.

White cats – are calm, shy and lazy.

Tabby cats – are pretty laid back, calm and relaxed.  They are also social and can be very affectionate.

Black cats – are said to be friendly yet stubborn at the same time.  They also like to roam and are independent.  They are also good natured and very social.

Orange cats – are outgoing, friendly and affectionate.  They can have a bit of a temper though.

Calico cats – can range from being calm and sweet to feisty and aggressive.

Tortoiseshell  cats – can be naughty, aggressive and unpredictable.

Black & white or grey & white cats – are pretty even tempered, loyal and affectionate. They are also great lap cats.

Blue, cream, lilac and grey cats – are playful and mischievous

Colour point and seal point cats – are very vocal and alert and are very affectionate often picking one family member as their favourite.

At the end of the day, every cat has their own personality regardless of what colour they are.  When choosing a cat, this could be interesting and useful information.  Happy choosing!

Written by Julie CCR