Easy D.I.Y Cat Collar

This is the easiest cat collar craft I found. All you need is an old collared shirt that has a button closure (be sure to check the fit before you cut).

Cut the collar off the shirt and button it on your cat! How easy is that? You could always write your cats information on the inside of the collar as well if needed.

Written by Tech Jessica



cat and dog in the snow

Holiday Hazards

We would never want to think that the winter holidays would be anything but a happy time for our pets and certainly we would never think of the word “hazard” but unfortunately, it is a time that veterinary clinics see a lot of dogs and cats for a various number of reasons related to this special time of year. Choking, stomach upsets, intestinal obstructions, and poisonings are many of the reasons dogs and cats end up in emergency hospitals over the holidays.

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