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West Hill Animal Clinic

Proudly servicing Scarborough area for over 35 years


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Parasite Awareness Month

The warm weather is here which means so are those ugly ticks, fleas and worms! Learn more about how you can take measures in keeping your pets protected this season.


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Welcome to West Hill in Scarborough

West Hill Animal Clinic is a companion veterinary hospital that has served clients and provided pet services in the Scarborough, Rouge, Durham, and Toronto, Ontario area for over 35 years.

Through years of experience and dedication; we as a team strive to achieve the highest quality of medical and surgical care. We take pride in educating our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed, compassionate decisions for their pets lives through honest communication. In doing what we love, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of both our clients and pets with respect, dignity and professionalism.

Our vet hospital is well equipped to handle all general veterinary needs for your dogs & cats such as spay and neuter, vaccinations, dentistry, physical examinations, microchipping and emergency care. In addition to general and surgical services, we also offer a host of other services to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Dr. Melissa Pambianchi, DVM | Dr. Thompson, DVM | Dr. Joudrey, DVM
Veterinarians, West Hill Animal Hospital – CVO Accredited Facility

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What to Do When You Find Orphaned Kittens

Summer is upon us.  This means that very soon stray and feral female cats that are not spayed will be and may already be having kittens. We frequently receive calls from clients reporting that they have found a litter of kittens and asking us what they should do. 

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Breed of the Month: Irish Wolfhound

Rather than from its appearance, the Irish Wolfhound’s name originates from its purpose – wolf hunting with dogs. The breed originated in Ireland and was used for hunting wolves and Irish elk. The Irish Wolfhound is an ancient breed, mentioned as long ago as 391 A.D. in Rome. This gentle and quiet breed is classified as a sighthound and is considered a giant breed. The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds and can stand as tall as 7 feet on its hind legs.  If you are looking for a loving best friend, the Irish Wolfhound is your dog. Not only an amazing companion, but the Irish Wolfhound is loyal, smart and calm. Known to be amazing with children, they remain gentle even when playing.

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