Veterinary Technician

I have been a Technician for 3 years. Veterinary medicine has always been appealing to me. When I was younger, I was going to be a vet or a garbage man, so you can see where I ended up! I graduated in 2020 from Northern College. I took an additional year at Northern to pursue Wildlife Rehabilitation. I love to bird on my time off, whether it’s bird spotting, bird banding as a volunteer or working at wildlife rescues. I love all the pets that come into the clinic and the relationships I witness from pet owners to their animals.

Fun fact about me is that my whole life revolves around my almost 15-year-old Flat coated retriever and the CFL. I adopted Neville from Northern College when he was 12. I wasn’t expecting him to live as long as he has, and I’m so grateful for every minute I have with him! GO CATS GO EAT EM RAWWW!