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Dental Nerve Blocks

If you have ever been to the dentist to have a tooth removed,

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Alternatives to Brushing Teeth

My dog won’t let me brush their teeth. What else can I do?

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Dental Health Handout: Free Download!

Click here for your free PDF download!

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The Best for your Pet: A plan for optimal health by Dr. Clayton Greenway

Written by Clayton Greenway, B.Sc, DVM, West Hill Animal Clinic, 5528 Lawrence Av East, Scarborough, ON The first cat I rescued was a 16 year old Abyssinian who I named Mr. Peepers.  I met him in my exam room 2 years after I graduated Vet school.  His owner didn’t want him anymore and requested he be […]

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August Promotions

Join us at the clinic for $10 nail trims for your feline fur babies!

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