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Annual Open House and Santa Photos

Join us at our Annual Open House and Santa Photos! We can’t wait to see you there. 

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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Pets!

Here’s our Holiday gift guide for buying your pet the perfect gift!

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West Hill’s Holiday Open House

This holiday season on December 6th, we extended an invitation from our West Hill Animal Clinic family to yours and hosted our very first “Christmas Open House”. We offered clinic tours for anyone who wondered what it was like behind our exam room doors. Our guests got to see where surgery takes place, our treatment […]

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Dr. Clayton Greenway on CP24 December 9th

On Tuesday, December 9th Dr. Clayton Greenway will appear on CP24’s Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer. They will be discussing Christmas Pet Hazards. The show airs at 7pm on Toronto’s Channel 24!

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Your Pet and Their Dental Health

We all realize the importance of our own dental routines to prevent the occurrence of dental disease within ourselves; dental care for our pets is equally important! Dental disease or periodontal disease is the most widespread disease associated with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats. It can lead to irritated gums, painful dental infections, tooth loss and can cause bacteria to travel through the bloodstream and compromise vital organs. Fortunately, with a proper dental routine designed for our pets, periodontal disease, in most cases, is preventable. Steps to preventing periodontal disease can include regular brushing, rinses, wipes, chews, dental diets, dental prophies or scaling and regular checkups. Click on the link below and watch a short video to learn steps on how you can easily make dental brushing apart of your pet’s everyday routine! https://www.ccv.adobe.com/v1/player/Ru55HeZoDkC/embed

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