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Dog Euthanasia

None of us like to think about the passing of our pets, but the fact is if you have a pet, then eventually you will have to go through the process of caring for them during the final days of their lives and in most cases, assisting them to pass…

Veterinarian microchipping a dog

Microchipping a Dog

Microchips are a great way to help keep your dog safe. They are a safe and easy way to help identify your pet and can help if your furry family member ever gets loose.

Dog lying down next to a baby

Dog Behavioural Counseling

Behaviour problems in dogs range drastically; from the teething puppy who chews everything in sight, to the anxious dog with a history of being abused or neglected. Sometimes the problem isn’t even primarily behavioural, but rather stems from an underlying disease process. Your veterinarian can help assess your dog and…

Dog running outdoors

Overweight Dog Help

Obesity is one of the most prevalent problems our pets have. In fact, 50% of pets are overweight. This extra weight can lead to problems or diseases, such as arthritis, respiratory issues, diabetes, etc. The best way to help prevent or reverse this extra weight, is diet and exercise. We…