Registered Veterinary Technician
I graduated from Georgian College in 2009 and joined West Hill Animal Clinic in 2010. My favourite thing about the clinic is the caring staff that I work with and our devotion to our clients. My first pet was an American Eskimo dog. What I love most about my job is being able to help animals that are in need. A fun fact about me is that I heard about the veterinary technician profession from the OAVT (Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians) at the All About Pets Show. I am a die-hard Blue Jays fan! Go Jays Go!


Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Bad breath (halitosis) in a dog or cat is usually because of poor dental health.  Occasionally a dog or cat may have good teeth and still have bad breath in which case the diet is usually the cause. This is relatively rare, however, compared to the likelihood of a dental issue.

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