Animal Care Assistant, Client Care Representative
I decided to join the Veterinary field because I love animals and enjoy taking care of them. I grew up around a lot of family pets and the many trips to the vet made me realize I wanted to do something like this in the future. After researching the field through out high school I knew what positions would be right for me. Eventually, I decided to enroll in an online Veterinary Technician program with Guelph University, and look for Full-Time work at a clinic while I work towards my Degree. I joined the clinic in May 2019 and I love working with the animals and my co-workers! A fun fact about me is that I still own my very first pet. A Rabbit named Patches, who just turned 16 YEARS OLD! He is one old Rabbit!


Your Pet and Their Dental Health

We all realize the importance of our own dental routines to prevent the occurrence of dental disease within ourselves; dental care for our pets is equally important! Dental disease or periodontal disease is the most widespread disease associated with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats. It can lead to irritated gums, painful dental infections, tooth loss and can cause bacteria to travel through the bloodstream and compromise vital organs. Fortunately, with a proper dental routine designed for our pets, periodontal disease, in most cases, is preventable. Steps to preventing periodontal disease can include regular brushing, rinses, wipes, chews, dental diets, dental prophies or scaling and regular checkups. Click on the link below and watch a short video to learn steps on how you can easily make dental brushing apart of your pet’s everyday routine! https://www.ccv.adobe.com/v1/player/Ru55HeZoDkC/embed

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