Dr. Feelgood and Clinic Swiffer
I was homeschooled all my life. In 2006 I was found outside after I had been hit by a car. The accident caused me to become paralyzed in my back end. My family at WHAC has to empty my bladder twice a day for me, but no need to worry, I am the happiest cat around! My special area of interest is orthopedic surgery and I have a brother, named Tyson. What I love most about my job is I love to spread joy and happiness. My favourite thing about the clinic is napping on my comfy bed, play with string toys and laser pointers. Fun fact about myself is I LOVE the canned food A/D by Hills and I love being brushed.


Heartworm FAQs

When is heartworm testing performed? Heartworm testing in Canada is between April 15th and June 1st.

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