Animal Care Assistant, Client Care Representative
I graduated from Durham College Animal Care Program and joined West Hill Animal Clinic in 2015. My favourite thing about the clinic is how everyone is so welcoming and friendly, they made me feel like I was instantly part of the team. My first pet was a horse, named Primer. What I love most about my job is being able to help and care for animals in need. A fun fact about me is that I lived on a farm when I was very young. I have ridden horses for over 17 years and currently, compete in western horseback riding with my horse Primer.


Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Bad breath (halitosis) in a dog or cat is usually because of poor dental health.  Occasionally a dog or cat may have good teeth and still have bad breath in which case the diet is usually the cause. This is relatively rare, however, compared to the likelihood of a dental issue.

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