Whats Buggin’ your Pets?

Dr. Kristin Joudrey presents: What’s buggin’ your Pets? A fun educational night taking place at our clinic on Thursday, June 8th at 7:30 pm. Free to anyone – pets do not need to attend.

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Breed of the Month: Persian Cat

The Persian cat has been around for centuries and while we do not know its exact origins, the breed has been rumored to originate from historical Persia and Turkey. There have been hieroglyphic references to a longhaired cat in those regions but we know for sure that the Persian breed was in the earliest known […]

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Why Should I do a Heartworm Test on My Dog?

If you weren’t 100% at giving your dog’s heartworm prevention EVERY month the previous year; then there IS potential your dog could have contracted heartworm! Small Fact: Heartworm is spread through mosquitos. Any time the weather is above 21 degrees Celsius for longer than 21 days, transmission of heartworm through the bite of a mosquito […]

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Simple Limited Ingredient Dog Treat Recipe

This simple baked dog treat recipe contains only three ingredients and it’s even good enough for humans to snack on!

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Breed of the Month: Doberman Pinscher

A German tax collector named Louis Dobermann is credited with developing the Doberman pinscher breed in the late 1800s. He wanted a fierce guard dog to accompany him on his rounds. Although initially bred and still used worldwide as guard dogs, Doberman Pinschers also have been police and military dogs, rescue dogs and therapy dogs. […]

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